How to open a translation agency in Ukraine if you are a non-resident?

Recently communicating with our foreign partners, they asked, whether we knew how they could open a translation agency in Ukraine, what they need to do, how much it costs and how much time it takes. The question of course is interesting. And we, as partners, as we are in Ukraine, were asked to find out about this issue in detail. How is registration of foreign representative offices done in Ukraine? How much time it takes? What do I need a non...
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Completed translation of legal documents into German

Translation agency Azurit specializes not only on the correct technical translations, but also on the translation of legal documents. We have specialists in various areas of law to all translations were of good quality and fair. Yesterday, our specialists have completed a large project to translate court documents. Our client needed a translation of the documents of the case on the fact of illegal appropriation of funds for the filing of those do...
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Completed translation of manuals into Spanish

Translation agency Azurit collaborates with a large number of Spanish translators are doing a fine job with the translations of any complexity. The most popular orders for translation from Spanish language translations are declarations and educational documents, and our Spanish translators translate contracts concluded and the documentation for the various projects of cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign companies. All translators with whom ...
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Finished translation of the geological study

Translation agency Azurit for many years is trying to choose a specialization, but our team is not obtained. We have collected a large number of professionals who are experts of different fields of activity, hence, different fields of translation. We have the expertise and technical, and medical and legal, and economic, and artistic, and construction and agricultural topics. Our team is able to provide high-quality translations of any complexity ...
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Ready to print translation of a children book

Translation agency Azurit supports existing standards of quality transfers in Ukraine and abroad. Our team is actively cooperating with foreign bureaus for the exchange of experiences of orders of different subjects. We cooperate with the translation bureau of Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Turkey and China to maintain and improve the quality of translations. We often turn to him for help when checking and proofreading of translati...
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Translation of technical manuals of any complexity

Translation agency Azurit has a large number of experts of various technical topics. These include ka translators and editor, web designers and consultants. All our experts are working harmoniously and in a team. Managers in the office always ready to help and answer any questions to ensure that all translations are correct and uniform terminology. Yesterday we passed the order on the translation from German into Ukrainian technical regulations a...
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Bilingual contract translation in 2 working days

Translation Bureau Azurit is actively engaged in translation support of transactions, contracts and other legal documents. Our translators can perform translations of up to 10 pages a day for almost any language in the world. We carefully select the translators for the job, since the treaties should not be a single sentence, which might be interpreted in different ways, that is, all the words and phrases shall have only one meaning in this contex...
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Dear customers!

We are a leading translation agency providing services of translation and interpretation for the past ten years. As a translation agency, operating on the Ukrainian market, we have been given the award “Leader of the Industry”. But we do not limit ourselves only to Ukraine, our services are used by companies located abroad.

We are constantly expanding our database of translators and editors. Currently we cooperate with more than 700 translators. Every day our managers are expanding the database of freelancers, testing their professional qualities, responsibility, specialization in different spheres of translation. Our database allows us to fulfill large orders on short notice. While one translator can process up to 10 pages of translation, our freelance translators can work together to complete a large order in just one or two days. Thus, our agency every day translates an average of 50 pages of various documents of legal, medical, technical and economic specializations.

Our achievements were marked by our regular customers – major Ukrainian and international companies, such as mobile operators, leading experts in the fields of medicine and technology.

As for both new and regular customers we have a system of discounts for up to 10% of the order’s value.

We do not hide our prices, our website contains information using which you can calculate how much your order will cost.

We guarantee the highest quality of the finished translation, our editor proofreads each text before it is sent to the customer.

We also have more than 100 interpreters of different languages with more than 10 years of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. In addition, we provide all necessary interpretation equipment.

We are looking forward to a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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