What wins state tenders: price or quality?

There has been a lot of talking of state tenders lately. All market members hear of them, but not few decide to take part in state tenders, pointing on corruptness and absence of necessary resources for their preparation. If approached correctly, question of taking part in state tenders can lead to the main source of revenue for a company that will bring a continuous income. If a company aims to receive a big state order, participating in tend...
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Is it necessary to proofread translations in translation agency?

Editing is a process of researching text with purpose of improving the flow and quality of writing. In other words, it is a process of checking and improving copywriting of a document. This process concentrates less on the form and more on the terminology. Editors check contextual mistakes and irregularities. Editor work is to check facts and to make sure that a correct terminology is used, and it has nothing to do with a translator job. Not ever...
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Demand for literary translation in translation agency

Literary translation is a genre of literary creativity, where a book-writing, written in one language, is recreated in another. As literature is built of words, it is the only art that is a subject to linguistic barriers. Contrary to music, pictorial art, sculpture and dancing, book-writing is available only for those people, who know the language, on which the book is written. Certain peculiarities of literary translation are defined by its plac...
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Really working prosperous agencies and one-year translation agencies

Every man faces the need to translate texts more and more often with time. It could be due to the professional activity or personal needs. One can use Internet translators or software, but if one needs a professional translation of the high quality, its best to come to a translation agency. Taking into account the development of companies on the market of language services, it is better to choose an executant, who will suit perfectly for a cer...
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To work as a translattor in Ukraine or to conquer foreign scopes?

Translator profession has ancient roots. Back in Ancient Rome there were people, who knew foreign languages and they were considered noblemen. In Ancient Rus it was believed that a man who knows other language is very well educated. Today translator`s job produces good profit and is considered prestigious. If today a man knows a foreign language, he can earn good money in any case, both in Ukraine and beyond. Many people, of cause, believe tha...
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What is easy and simple in Chinese language?

As of now a Chinese language can be accessed by more than one billion people. It is official in the People Republic of China, and is also used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. It is a part of Chinese and Tibet language group. Chinese language has seven dialects, which can be determined by their phonetics that complicates the understanding between dialects, as well as some minor differences in lexica and grammar. For ...
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What does a freelancer chooses a straight client or a translation agency?

Freelancer is an out of staff employee, who works for himself. His way is complicated enough and not all of them can reach significant highs. As of today on a USA market around fifty percent of workers are out of staff, in Ukraine this kind of work only gaining momentum. Freelance translator has great opportunities to achieve good results, as the economy of the country is under developing and companies need their services. But often it happens...
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Dear customers!

We are a leading translation company providing services of translation and interpretation for the past ten years. As a translation company, operating on the Ukrainian market, we have been given the award “Leader of the Industry”. But we do not limit ourselves only to Ukraine, our services are used by companies located abroad.

We are constantly expanding our database of translators and editors. Currently we cooperate with more than 700 translators. Every day our managers are expanding the database of freelancers, testing their professional qualities, responsibility, specialization in different spheres of translation. Our database allows us to fulfill large orders on short notice. While one translator can process up to 10 pages of translation, our freelance translators can work together to complete a large order in just one or two days. Thus, our agency every day translates an average of 50 pages of various documents of legal, medical, technical and economic specializations.

Our achievements were marked by our regular customers – major Ukrainian and international companies, such as mobile operators, leading experts in the fields of medicine and technology.

As for both new and regular customers we have a system of discounts for up to 10% of the order’s value.

We do not hide our prices, our website contains information using which you can calculate how much your order will cost.

We guarantee the highest quality of the finished translation, our editor proofreads each text before it is sent to the customer.

We also have more than 100 interpreters of different languages with more than 10 years of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. In addition, we provide all necessary interpretation equipment.

We are looking forward to a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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