Ukraine is the world’s centre of excellent translators. Thousands of multilingual translators graduate from Ukrainian universities every year and therefore, the competition among them is rising. That what made the rates for their services so attractive.
One translation page (250 words) in English starts from $3, which is only $0.012 per word! We do not hide our rates, because we think that good relations with clients are built on honesty first. However, our pricing policy is not the only advantage of the company.
We offer world quality and services at Ukrainian prices.
The cost of translation includes:
free and swift calculation of the text of any volume;
free test translation of 100 words, if necessary;
standard translation formatting according to the original;
meticulous proofreading of the translation by our proofreader.
We believe that each project is unique, so we can say a more precise cost for any text or project only after we obtain information regarding the deadlines, customer preferences, language pairs, and other important factors.
We are also proud of our impeccable interpreters. The translators we have work with companies worldwide. Depending on the country, event, language pairs and other important factors, we will pick the right interpreter for you from anywhere in the world.
If you need interpretation, it is very important to contact the Bureau in advance so we can find the right interpreter and organize the interpretation process overall.
It is required so for the purpose of scheduling an interpreter for the dates needed. Well-credentialed specialists are rare and high in demand.
As a rule, the costs for interpreting services vary from 35 USD/hour.
Each event is unique in its own way. We can call the precise price for a specific event or project after the customer provides us with all the information and after our experts see the specifics of each individual project.
More than 98 percent of our customers always return to us.
Why? Because our Agency can work with large volumes, in the shortest time possible and with specialized texts. As we meet your challenges, we have a broad network of professional linguists and subject specialists all over the world to assist us. Leveraging the our translators’ professionalism and the ingenuity of our customer service managers, we have managed to deliver our services to the translation market for more than 10 years!
Technical translation, translation of drawings and plans, medical translation, translation of pharmaceutical documentation and pharmaceutical materials, legal translation, oil and gas translation, IT and sites localization, — send us your most sophisticated project, and we shall implement it for you flawlessly.
For high-scale projects, we guarantee a special price offer from our company!
Tune in, working with our company is convenient and beneficial!


We deliver translation services anywhere in the world. We work with a vast number of our long-established clients on all the continents and worldwide.
Since 2008, we have worked with foreign companies and translation agencies around the world. Overcoming language barriers and complications arising from common projects is our second nature. We love what we do and in the form of translations and our other services, we make our own contributions to development of companies through implementation of mega-projects, expansion of our customers’ horizons, development of international relations between countries, new interesting star-ups, and more.
In 2015, as a result of the national independent “National Business Rating”, our Translation Agency took the 1st position throughout Kyiv and received “gold” for the profitability indicators of all assets. Plus, we took 4th place among translation offices throughout Ukraine.
It is known that for an interpreter, the reputation is paramount both for professional and financial development. Don’t let the low pricing of our services mislead you. All our translators pass through a comprehensive selection system, and our optimized workflows are something that many translation agencies can be jealous of. It should be also noted that all our projects go through a three-stage quality control system: proofreading, editing, quality assurance.
We would gladly complete a translation sample for you, so you can verify the high-grade professional quality of our services.
Our Agency takes the confidential data of your personal documents seriously and thus, if needed, we can sign a privacy agreement (Non-Disclosure agreement —NDA) with our customers.
Moreover, we are eager to conclude a cooperation agreement for one project or series of projects, if it helps minimizing your risks.


All our projects are implemented under the following method:
Order processing, customer’s demands specification -> cost calculation -> prepayment -> translation process -> proofreading -> editing -> project handover -> post-payment.
At the ordering stage, all you need is sending your documents for us to estimate the volumes and specify your translation requirements, should there be any. Having acquired the document, we select translators depending on the deadlines and texts specialty, as well as formatting requirements.
Then, after we receive the prepayment, we assign the order to our translator and bring it to the work. Sometimes before sending the project to our translator, clients send us tests to minimize their risks. It is a very good idea, as minimization of those risks benefits both us and the client. Practice shows that the ability to “touch” the text before starting the work is a positive factor for the final quality of translation.
Throughout the whole workflow, our projects are supervised by professional managers and editors. Apart from other quality assurance systems, we split a project into several milestones; essentially these are dates when translators send their progress to editors for the purpose of control and minimization of risks.
Such practices help the editor to estimate the quantity of potential mistakes to be corrected and allow them to proofread the text one more time. This process is performed by two linguists independently, again, for the purpose of reducing the mistakes.
Then, we send the project to our client. Should our client have any inquiries, our managers solve them swiftly as a team.
Only after we know our client is satisfied with translation quality, we issue an invoice and collect payment in any way our clients are comfortable with.
Moreover, the aforementioned processes are followed by additional methods of quality assurance for upcoming translations and support of our high quality standards. These are reports of the translations performed, error analysis between our editor and translator, classification of errors and their discussion, optimization of the workflow for future projects.


We work on a prepayment basis with 40-50% payment for the estimated services price.
You pay for the remaining 50-60% after receiving our services via email or any other predetermined methods.
Our payment methods are quite simple. You can select the most convenient payment method.
All you need is providing us with scanned copies of your payment document and we start translating your project.
We do not waste any time before banks process the payment. We start our work immediately.
Payment is accepted in USD, EUR, SWISS, CHF, UAH and other currency, depending on the country.
In case of special wishes over the due date (prepayment/post-payment, etc.) we offer an option of signing an Agreement with all the required provisions. Templates of such Agreements are available on our site, where you can download them.

You can pay in 15 different methods!


Translation Agency Azurit inc. is a top translation and interpretation services provider. We work with more than 120 world languages, possess enough resources to complete most sophisticated and high-volume projects in the tightest deadlines.
The volumes we translate:
– more than 10 000 pages a month;
– more than 2 500 pages a week;
– more than 300 pages a day.
You can count on us when it seems that your projects are beyond the professional scope of other translation agencies.
We offer reliability, quality, speed, friendly rates, confidentiality.


Legal and public status of the translator

Each country has its own legal norms of labor legislation that regulate the work of an interpreter. An interpreter may be employed by a translation agency or a company that needs his services, and he can also work on an employment contract independently, by doing certain work. Signing the contract, the translator and the customer specify all the nuances of the work, its scope and payment. If it is necessary to perform a translation for publicatio...
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Analysis of the deep-level translation model. Macro analysis.

The transformational subcomponent is believed to eliminate the gap in the categorical subcomponent. The need for this relates to the fact that in any translation task, the translator of a translation agency must use more or less than four transformation syntactic processes, namely, removal, insertion, rearrangement and / or replacement. Each of these processes is double in nature, ie, not mandatory (its adoption depends on the interpreter's ow...
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Analysis of the surface level of the model of changes in translation

This part makes changes that occur at the level of the surface of structural analysis from the point of view of four theoretical categories, namely, the unit, structure, class and system that form the basis for the syntactic and functional description of the data. In addition to these species, the categorical part of the syntactic component uses some other language-specific varieties, called 'descriptive' categories. They are used to talk abou...
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Professional suitability and professional requirements for translators

The concept of "professional suitability" includes natural prerequisites for the implementation of translation activities, taking into account the psychological attitude. The concept "professional requirements" is broader, it includes the required set of skills. Some qualities that are inherent in an interpreter can be developed and improved already during the process of work in the translation field. There are a number of generally accepted q...
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Structure of the translation analysis model

Descriptive grammar units of any language are arranged in meaningful segments or patterns. One single case of these samples is called a 'structure'. This is an abstract category that applies to all units in the grammar of the language (except, lowest in rank). It makes up the different ways in which one unit can be realized by the block following it. Sometimes, however, a unit can be understood by a unit higher than it. This phenomenon is known a...
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The relationship between the meaning and the situation in the analysis of the translation model

The language is presented to perform many functions. When all these functions are performed, the language is determined situationally. In order to convey a certain meaning, it is necessary to choose linguistic elements determined by the elements of the situation in which these elements are used. The relationship between the meaning and the situation causes significant consequences, the first of which is the need to take into account the situat...
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The textual and pragmatic components of the translation model

The text should show two types of structural and cohesive relationships: local and global, so that it can be described. The first can be explained by the "grammar of the sentence", which has already been sufficiently discussed in the previous material. The second kind includes relations that cannot be taken into account "without reference to the functions of the mutual offer and part of the text outside the proposal in question". Consequently, th...
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